What we do

Straight Dutch delivers the advice you expected your accountant would have given you. We can offer the business solutions because we have the operational and entrepreneurial experience accountants generally do not have. We translate and interpret the numbers and real world situation of your business into workable and cost effective solutions. In 2019, cost reduction, risk mitigation, contingency planning, overall efficiency and quality gains are becoming more important than ever. The coming years, we all have to deal with Brexit uncertainty, a stagnating economic climate and increasing inflation and increasing interest rates . We support you in dealing with the uncertainty and where necessary, we lend an extra hand.

Contact us if you want to learn more on how we can improve your business, such as:

    • Contingency Planning (e.g. Brexit)
    • Operational Efficiency Gains
    • Cost Reduction Proposals
    • To prepare for the declining economic climate
    • Project Managers & Management

Although Brexit poses a risk to UK business overall, we believe there are ample opportunities to be found in the oncoming economic disturbances. If you are better prepared than your competitors, you are more likely to come out on top. Our focus is aimed directly at boosting your margins and increasing sustainability.

How we work / adding value from day one
We advise at boardroom level to business owners and directors. We parachute in, make an efficient first analysis and deliver the outcome of our Quick Scan. In an iterative process we keep analysing the organisation and data while updating our list. All along working on the highest priority item. Once, you have consumed our 'advice that your accountant should have given you', we are happy to make life as easy as possible for you. You can choose to work with your own internal project team or request us to act as a bolt-on for the duration of the project. Most importantly, we add value from day one with a tangible deliverable.

Due to the Brexit uncertainty and our experience with contingency projects, we can help you with Contingency Planning. While doing this we get a good idea where you could make some productivity improvements, so we gladly help you to achieve Operational Efficiency Gains. This is often based on producing or delivering more with the same amount of resources. However, we also will share Cost Reduction Proposals with you, if you are interested in increasing your margins. However, cost cutting is not just to increase you profits, it is also meant to identify the areas where you can downsize - if necessary - in order to prepare for a declining economic climate.

Prepare for a declining economic climate

The last few years a lot of extra liquidity has been pumped into the financial markets under the Quantitative Easing programs on both sides of the Atlantic. More recently, the uncertainty caused by the Americans and shifting power balance between the West and the East gives food for thought. Whether the UK will leave the EU or not, the turbulence caused will last beyond March 2019. Via the above mentioned steps or as a standalone process, we can check your organisation's preparedness and advice you which control wheels to turn and to which settings. This all, to remain as strong as possible and stay ahead of the competition while riding out the storm.