Our expertise, results focused approach and commitment to delivering outstanding client experiences are just some of the reasons why we can make a difference. We offer a fresh perspective on and for your business. We have experience within aviation, aerospace, travel, logistics and supply chain, engineering and services environments. This broad and yet well defined range, allows us to cross pollinate best practices from one environment to another.

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We have international experience in aviation, airfreight, international logistics and aerospace. In aviation, especially with the commercial operations of VTOL aircraft and flight operations for B2B and B2C luxury travel. We have delivered high-end air travel to a select group of people. As such we have experience with flight planning & operations, airside and terminal operations, finance, PR and free publicity, marketing, sales, engineering, business development, general management and user friendly information technology, including online sales & reservations. In addition, we manage innovation and high technology from research to production including the design, development and operations of aircraft.

Aerospace   |   Engineering   |   R&D   |   Technology   |   IT

One case is the turnaround of an aerospace engineering company, working in the aviation, aerospace and space industries. This organisation had been under performing for nearly a decade. Within nine months of accepting the job to turnaround the organisation, it was restored to profitability. An important aspect was re-engaging with ex-clients and generating more value for existing clients. The basic organisational structure and information infrastructure was improved and a focus on systems engineering on all projects was adopted. An important rule was imposed that only profitable work would be executed. We improved the workforce through adding flexible specialist skills. Having an outside view helped to separate facts from fiction.