• The advice you expected to receive from your accountant.

    We bring the operational, commercial and organisational hands and brains to the table, showing you where and how to increase efficiency, quality and agility, while reducing cost and mitigating risk.
  • Call us for a Quick Scan 
    ‚Äčto see where you can save and improve efficiency 

    The Quick Scan by Straight Dutch is a short, efficient and effective business tool to identify areas open for improvement and a quick quantification of efficiency gains and risk reduction.
  • Contingency Planning (Brexit)

    Brexit or not,  all signs point to a stagnating economic climate, increasing inflation and increasing interest rates for the coming years. We can support and help you in dealing with the uncertainty. 

Boardroom Consultants and Business Solutions

Our expertise, results focused approach and commitment to delivering outstanding client experiences are just some of the reasons why we can make a difference. We offer a fresh perspective on and for your business. For example; we can help with contingency planning due to Brexit, help both large and small organisations to reduce cost and prepare for the next economic downturn. We are direct in our communications and act accordingly against a fair rate. Our focus is on organisations in London and the South East.  Essentially, we provide the advice you had expected from your accountants.

We can offer meaningful advice and workable solutions because we have the operational and entrepreneurial experience your accountant does not have. We translate and interpret the numbers and real world situation of your business into workable and cost effective solutions. In 2019, cost reduction, risk mitigation, contingency planning, overall efficiency and quality gains are becoming more important than ever. The coming two years, we all have to deal with Brexit uncertainty, a stagnating economic climate and increasing inflation and increasing interest rates . We assist in dealing with uncertainty and where necessary, we lend an extra hand.